Best Of BAK XIII (Jap Ltd Edit)

Under exclusive license from BaK XIII’s European label Urgence Disk Records, Deathwatch Asia’s « Best Of BaK XIII » comes with an eight-panel folding insert detailing the entire recorded history of BAK XIII, plus a four-panel insert with Japanese liner notes about the band. Limited to 222 copies, this unique album is presented in a six-panel digipak, with artwork specially commissioned for this release.

  1. Things Will Never Change
  2. Open The Borders
  3. Media Control
  4. 80’s Are Back Forever
  5. Lost In Darkness (Guitar Mix)
  6. Ghouls And Ghosts
  7. Dance And Die
  8. Disco Armageddon
  9. Homo Disco
  10. Sad Song
  11. New Wave Party
  12. VSKMR
  13. Welcome To The Void
  14. Body Religion
  15. Lost
  16. Dead Again
  17. Nothing Left To Believe
  18. Where’s The Party?
  19. Fuck You And Dance
  20. Manifeste